Alice In Chains - Freak Show [2LP] Limited Red Colored Vinyl (import)

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Deluxe Vinyl Edition!
2 Complete Live Shows On Double Red Colored Vinyl!

This deluxe LP release contains two complete Alice In Chains shows, one apiece from the tours supporting the group's first and second records, often considered two of the most important albums in modern American alternative rock. The first is taken from a performance at The La Reina Sheraton Hotel in L.A. on September 15, 1990, shortly after the release of Facelift, while the second was captured at The Hollywood Palladium on December 15, 1992, hot on the heels of their Dirt album. Broadcast over local FM radio at the highest possible audio quality, and featuring such classics as 'Man In The Box', 'Sea Of Sorrow', 'We Die Young' and 'Would?', this collection will not only be a welcome addition for the Alice In Chains faithful, but equally a fascinating insight into the golden years of the grunge movement itself.


• Deluxe Limited Edition Double Red LP
• 140g Vinyl
• 2 complete live shows from tours supporting the group's first and second albums
• Gatefold jacket
• Import

Side A:

1. It Ain't Like That
2. Man In The Box
3. Sea Of Sorrow
4. Real Thing
Side B:
5. Bleed The Freak
6. Put You Down
7. Sunshine
8. We Die Young
Side C:
9. Sickman
10. It Ain't Like That
11. Put You Down
12. Would?
13. Sunshine
Side D:
14. We Die Young
15. Real Thing
16. Sea Of Sorrow
17. Bleed The Freak
18. Man In The Box

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