Aerosmith - Pump [LP] (180 Gram)

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180g Vinyl LP!

Following the release and huge success of 1987's Permanent Vacation, Pump saw Aerosmith returning to their hard rock roots. Tracks like "Love In An Elevator" and "The Other Side" see the band return to the confident swagger and music eclectiscim of Rocks and Toys in the Attic, while tracks like "What It Takes" and "Janie's Got A Gun" have the emotion and grit contained in any of their previous power ballads.

• 180g Vinyl

Side A:

1. Young Lust
2. F.I.N.E.
3. Going Down/Love In An Elevator
4. Monkey On My Back
5. Water Song/Janie's Got A Gun
Side B:
1. Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side
2. My Girl
3. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
4. Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man
5. What It Takes/Hidden Instrumental

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