AC/DC - 1977 The Classic West Coast Broadcast [2LP] Limited Black Vinyl, Gatefold (import)

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Limited Double Black Vinyl, Gatefold!


By the summer of 1977, AC/DC were ripping things up across many parts of the world. Bon Scott had joined the Young brothers to form AC/DC three years earlier, and the group’s first worldwide release, High Voltage, was issued in 1976.

The album release garnered the group a large following in the UK, where Sounds magazine sponsored their UK tour. AC/DC's first American exposure was through Michigan radio station AM 600 WTAC in 1977.

The performance included on this 2LP set was recorded for a live FM radio broadcast at the legendary Old Waldorf in San Francisco.

With near perfect sound and a set-list that included tracks from all their albums to date, along with the preview of a couple of tracks from 1978’s Powerage, this show was clearly one hell of an AC/DC gig and remains a classic illustration of where the group were at this juncture in their career.

Side 1
1. "Introduction"
2. "Live Wire"
3. "Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be"
4. "Up To My Neck In You"

Side 2
1. "Kicked In The Teeth"
2. "The Jack"

Side 3
1. "Whole Lotta Rosie"
2. "High Voltage"
3. "Baby Please Don't Go"

Side 4
1. "Problem Child"
2. "Bon Scott Interview 1977"

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