Willie Nelson - God's Problem Child [LP] (download)

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Vinyl LP Features Vocals by Leon Russell, Tony Joe White & Jamey Johnson!

An album of all-new recordings, God's Problem Child adds 13 new songs to Nelson's repertoire, including seven recently written by Willie and Buddy Cannon, his longtime collaborator and producer. The album is Willie's first to debut all-new songs since Band of Brothers which reached #1 on the Billboard Country chart and #5 on the Billboard 200 in 2014.

The album's title track, penned by Jamey Johnson and Tony Joe White, includes vocals by both writers and the legendary Leon Russell. An old friend and musical cohort, Leon was the first person to put his signature on "Trigger", Willie's mythic guitar.

An album that reflects on mortality while marveling at the beauty and absurdity of it all, God's Problem Child finds Willie Nelson at one of the creative peaks of his career, writing and singing with the seasoned wit and wisdom that can only come from the kind of life he's living. One of Willie's new songs, "Still Not Dead", pokes fun at the many exaggerated reports of his demise he's heard over the years.

God's Problem Child opens with Willie's performance of "Little House On the Hill", a song written by Lyndel Rhodes, Buddy Cannon's 92-year old mother. A video of Lyndel hearing Willie singing her song for the first time became an internet viral sensation.

In keeping with the album's subtext of memory and mortality, God's Problem Child closes with "He Won't Ever Be Gone", a song written by Gary Nicholson that pays tribute to Willie's outlaw country comrade, Merle Haggard. Haggard's last album was 2015's Django and Jimmie, a musical collaboration with Willie Nelson.

• Vinyl LP
• 13 stellar new recordings from one of America's most beloved treasures

Side A:

1. Little House On The Hill
2. Old Timer
3. True Love
4. Delete And Fast Forward
5. A Woman's Love
6. Your Memory Has A Mind Of Its Own
7. Butterfly
Side B:
1. Still Not Dead
2. God's Problem Child (with Tony Joe White, Leon Russell & Jamey Johnson)
3. It Gets Easier
4. Lady Luck
5. I Made A Mistake
6. He Won't Ever Be Gone

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