Concrete Blonde - Free [LP]

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Second Studio Album On Vinyl LP!
Includes "God Is A Bullet"!

Concrete Blonde’s second studio album and the first to be self-produced by the band, the album includes the track "God Is A Bullet" and is the first record to feature second guitarist Alan Bloch.

"Concrete Blonde beefed up their lineup by adding a second guitarist, Alan Bloch, for 1989's Free. Like their self-titled debut release, the L.A.-based band focuses on the dark side of modern life, but they also intersperse a few lighter songs into the mix with good results. Free also found the band producing themselves. The grinding guitars and lead singer Johnette Napolitano's passionate vocals made the searing 'God Is a Bullet' a college radio hit. 'Roses Grow' is an interesting track with Napolitano making barstool observations over a metallic drumbeat. It is the lighter moments on the album that really shine, though, like the gentle warmth of the optimistic 'Sun' and 'Happy Birthday,' a jangly pop rocker. The band also takes a stab at Thin Lizzy's 'It's Only Money.' Free shows a considerable amount of growth in both the songwriting and playing of their debut and makes it a worthwhile follow-up." - Tom Demalon,

• Vinyl LP

Side A:

1. God Is A Bullet
2. Run Run Run
3. It's Only Money
4. Help Me
5. Sun
Side B:
1. Roses Grow
2. Scene Of A Perfect Crime
3. Happy Birthday
4. Little Conversations
5. Carry Me Away

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