Concrete Blonde - Concrete Blonde [LP]

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1986 Debut Album On Vinyl LP!

The acclaimed 1986 debut studio album from US rock band Concrete Blonde, this album includes "Still In Hollywood", "Your Haunted Head" and "Over Your Shoulder", which were featured on the soundtrack to the 1987 film 'The Hidden'. "Your Haunted Head" and "Over Your Shoulder" also appeared on 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2' soundtrack.

• Vinyl LP

Side A:
1. True
2. Your Haunted Head
3. Dance Along The Edge
4. Still In Hollywood
5. Song For Kim (She Said)
Side B:
1. Beware Of Darkness
2. Over Your Shoulder
3. Little Sister
4. Make Me Cry
5. Cold Part Of Town
6. True II [Instrumental]

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