Clint Eastwood - Rawhide's Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites [LP] (90th Birthday Red Vinyl Edition, limited)

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90th Birthday Limited Edition Red Vinyl - 500 Copies!

Clint Eastwood? That Clint Eastwood? Well, sure...Clint has demonstrated a deep love and aptitude for music as both an actor and a director (e.g. Play Misty for Me; Bird) during his entire career, and here you catch him right at the beginning of it, fresh from his success on the TV series Rawhide, crooning (and quite competently so) a collection of country & western favorites. And since Clint's 90th birthday falls on May 31 this year, Real Gone Music have pressed up 500 copies of the LP in red vinyl as a little birthday present for his fans.

A little-known side of one of Hollywood's biggest icons, courtesy of Real Gone Music and ABKCO Music and Records...happy birthday, Clint!


  • Clint Eastwood 90th Birthday Edition
  • Limited To 500 Copies
  • Red Vinyl
  • Mono
  • Made in USA


Side 1:

  1. Bouquet Of Roses
  2. Along The Santa Fe Trail
  3. The Last Round Up
  4. Sierra Nevada
  5. Mexicali Rose
  6. Searching For Somewhere

Side 2:

  1. I'll Love You More
  2. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  3. Twilight On The Trail
  4. San Antonio Rose
  5. Don't Fence Me In
  6. Are You Satisfied

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