City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The - Godfather Trilogy I-II-III, The (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Splatter Grey & Red Vinyl)

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Grey & Red Splatter Vinyl Double LP!
Music From Famous Trilogy Performed by The City Of Prague Philharmonic!

Rediscover the timeless music of the Godfather trilogy films in this double LP featuring the work of Nino Rota, interpreted by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Francis Ford Coppola left it to Nino Rota to compose the music for the adventures of the Corleone family. And it's no surprise that the result is up to the task. The recognizable melodies blend in with great accuracy with the scenes of the director.

Listening to this soundtrack will transport you to the heart of New York, to the district of Little Italy, or even to a Sicilian landscape where you will remember the cult scenes of an anthological film.


  • Double LP
  • Gray & Red Splatter Vinyl
  • Wide spine triple gatefold
  • Made in France


The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra


Side A:

  1. The Godfather Waltz (from The Godfather)
  2. Speak Softly Love (from The Godfather II)
  3. Sicilian Pastorale (from The Godfather)
  4. The Pick-Up (from The Godfather)
  5. Tarantella (from The Godfather)

Side B:

  1. Mazurka (from The Godfather)
  2. Finale (from The Godfather)
  3. The Immigrant (from The Godfather II)
  4. Kay (from The Godfather II)

Side C:

  1. Marcia Stilo Italiano (from The Godfather II)
  2. End Title (from The Godfather II)
  3. Marcia Religiosa (from The Godfather III)
  4. Marcia Festa (from The Godfather III)

Side D:

  1. The Immigrant / Love Theme (from The Godfather III)
  2. Intermezzo (from The Godfather III)
  3. Preludio from Cavalleria Rusticana (from The Godfather III)
  4. Coda (from The Godfather III)

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