Chuck Berry - Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival 1969 [2LP] (Red & Blue Swirl Color Vinyl, gatefold)

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Live Archival Release on Red & Blue Swirl Colored Vinyl 2LP!
Mastered from the Analog Tapes!

Chuck Berry, the songwriter and guitarist now known worldwide as the Father of Rock & Roll, came from humble beginnings. There was no shortage of historic rock music festivals in 1969, from the highs of Woodstock to the crashing lows of Altamont. Meanwhile, interest was steadily building on another front. A full-fledged 1950s rock and roll revival was brewing, and the idiom's pioneers were experiencing a Renaissance. No longer viewed as over-the-hill relics, they stood as vital sources of real rock and roll. Combining the two contrasting demographics at one event was a rare sight to behold, but the Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival 1969, held that September 13 at the University of Toronto's Varsity Stadium, represented that unlikely hybrid. That afternoon the Father of Rock & Roll returned to lead the apostles of rock into the next decade. After decades of inferior releases, for the first time, this historical concert is presented in its entirety. Includes, "School Days," "Carol," "Memphis," "Nadine," "Rock & Roll Music," "Johnny B. Goode," "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man," "Too Much Monkey Business," "Sweet Little Sixteen," "Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite" and more.


  • Limited Edition
  • Double LP
  • 1 Red Vinyl Disc
  • 1 Blue Vinyl Disc
  • First Release of the Full Concert
  • Mastered from the Analog Tapes
  • Analog Transfer by Mark Chalecki
  • Mastering by Eric Carlson
  • Gatefold Jacket


Side One:

  1. Intro (Kim Fowley)
  2. Rock & Roll Music
  3. School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell)
  4. Johnny B. Goode / Carol / Promised Land

Side Two:

  1. I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
  2. Maybellene
  3. Too Much Monkey Business
  4. Nadine (Is It You?)
  5. Reelin' and Rockin'

Side Three:

  1. Sweet Little Sixteen
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. My Ding-A-Ling

Side Four:

  1. Wee Wee Hours
  2. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight (aka Bonsoir Cherie)
  3. Johnny B. Goode (Reprise)

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