Caged Animals - Eat Their Own [LP]


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Names like Arthur Russell or Beck get cited often as influences, but it is rare that upon listening to a modern artist you feel the genre-fusing depth of either of these legends. In New Jersey's Vincent Cacchione, aka Caged Animals, we bring you the exception to the rule. Known also for his work with Soft Black, the now-Bushwick resident, Cacchione, has created a highly personal, wistfully nostalgic world that basks in the golden glow of love both new (''Lips That Turn the Light to Fire'') and old (''Teflon Heart''), in the haze of regret (''This Summer I'll Make It Up To You'') and the blur of days gone by (''The NJ Turnpike''). Taken collectively, these are songs which gather resonance with every listen and poignancy with every play, lending increasing depth and profundity towards the fleeting moments in life which we only wish could linger a little more.

At a time when wan wallpaper pap, not pop, is relentlessly sold as a never-ending nirvana of supposedly exciting and alternative culture it's refreshing to find a pop persona whose ideas are truly inspired by the detail of counter-culture Americana. Caged Animals is a wired world, but, simultaneously, an innocent version of darker concepts, mixing lyric and melody to create the sweetest sensation. It's a world inhabited by Raymond Carver vignettes and exhibitions of raw Neil Rough portraiture, or Robert Frank's 'The Americans' (1959), and it could be sound tracked by 'The Elephant 6' collective playing Dion covers, Sun Ra's future-jazz moogs and grooves, no wave's awkward 'DNA', or the Captain Beefheart at his most playful.