Buddy Rich & Maynard Ferguson - Play Selections from West Side Story & Other Delights [LP] (180 Gram Vinyl)


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Don't let the title here put you off -- because the LP has a lot more to offer than just familiar readings of West Side Story! True, there are a few Leonard Bernstein-penned cuts on here, but there's also a fair bit more groovy work too -- and side A features material from Buddy Rich's funky Groove Merchant years, titles that were on the albums Roar Of 74 and Big Band Machine! The groove on these 4 titles is very full and often funky -- as you'd expect from Rich during these years -- and tracks include ''Kilimanjaro Cookout'', ''Prelude To A Kiss'', ''Waltz Of The Mushroom Hunters'', and a ''West Side Story'' medley. The remaining 4 tracks are all from Maynard Ferguson -- again at a time when he was quite full and driving in his work -- pioneering a leaner approach to big band work, but one that still had plenty of power at the bottom! Players aren't listed, but we're guessing the work is from Ferguson's late 60s years -- and titles include ''Foggy Night'', ''Maria'', ''Got The Spirit'', and ''At The Sound Of The Trumpet''.

1 West Side Story 5:52
2 Kilimanjaro Cookout 6:17
3 Prelude to a Kiss 3:34
4 Waltz of the Mushroom Hunters 7:16
5 Pilatus 4:41
6 Foggy Night 5:07
7 Maria 3:53
8 Got the Spirit 9:25
9 At the Sound of the Trumpet 6:24

Album Credits
Performance Credits
Buddy Rich Primary Artist, Primary Artist, Drums
Joe Beck Guitar
Maynard Ferguson Trumpet, Track Performer
Bob Mintzer Tenor Saxophone, Soloist
Pat La Barbera Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soloist
Steve Marcus Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Pete Yellin Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Maelen Conga
Ray Armando Conga
Ben Brown Bass
Cornell Dupree Guitar
Danny Hayes Trumpet
Alan Kaplan Trombone
Ross Konikoff Trumpet
John Laws Baritone Saxophone
Tony Levin Bass
John Leys Trombone
Lloyd Michaels Trumpet
Cliff Morris Guitar
Keith O'Quinn Trombone, Soloist
Joe Romano Alto Saxophone
Roger Rosenberg Baritone Saxophone
Sam Woodyard Percussion
Wayne Wright Guitar, Percussion
Gerald Chamberlain Trombone
Greg Kogan Piano
Bob ''Mink'' Martin Alto Saxophone
Jack Beck Guitar
Richard Hurwitz Trumpet
Charlie Davis Trumpet
John Hoffman Trumpet, Soloist
Barry Maur Trombone
Bill Blaut Alto Saxophone
Buddy Budson Piano, Soloist
Anthony Salvatori Bass Trombone
Charles Camilleri Trumpet
Bob Martin Alto Saxophone
Greg Hopkins Trumpet
Bob Crea Tenor Saxophone
Larry Hall Trumpet

Technical Credits
Sonny Lester Producer