Brunettes, The - Mars Loves Venus [LP] (Custom blended split-color vinyl limited to first 250)


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Originally released on CD in 2004 via New Zealand's Lil' Chief Records, Mars Loves Venus is The Brunettes' second full length release and the one that spring-boarded their eventual signing to SubPop Records. It was after their signing to SubPop that most folks first discovered them as they toured with The Shins and Rilo Kiley, among others. The band's line up for Mars Loves Venus featured the dual vocals and multi-instrumental skills of Johathan Bree and Heather Mansfield, James Milne (Laurence Arabia) on guitar (among other instruments) and Ruby Suns front-man Ryan McPhun on drums and backing vocals. Now, finally on vinyl, the first 250 copies of Mars Loves Venus will be issued on a custom-blended split-color vinyl.

Mars Loves Venus is a super quirky, super cute and oddly sensual record. If you're a fan you know what we're talking about. If you're not, think She & Him, Mates Of State or even Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood. If you're like us and can't get enough of sugary boy/girl conversation style vocals this is a time to be excited.

The art is extra exciting for us too. We're using a brand new back cover that is actually the un-cropped version of the album cover. Part of the fun of taking music that was only available digitally and putting it out on vinyl is seeing the art in its full blown LP glory. You almost always see something you never noticed. The fact that it's the un-cropped version of the cover just glorifies that fact in it's wonderful nipple pinching way.

For fans of: Mates of State, She & Him, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood, Belle & Sebastian, the Grease soundtrack

Custom blended split color (limited to first 250)
Liner notes & lyric sheet, poly-lined inner sleeve, sticker sealed reusable poly bag
Jacket art includes a new back cover which for the first time exposes the un-cropped version of the front cover.


''Bubblegum-pop aficionados take note: The Brunettes might be your new favorite band.''
- Justin Shepherd (Prefix Magazine)

''If the Raveonettes are James Dean, The Brunettes are the Fonz.''

''The Brunettes quite accurately describe themselves as ''boy/girl melodrama pop inspired by 70s New York punk and 60s girl groups but created in an Auckland scene of opiate-infused garage rock 'n' roll.'' That makes my job a little easier, but it still doesn't capture the magnetic charm of 2004's Mars Loves Venus (Lil' Chief). ''
- J Niimi (The Chicago Reader)

''Jonathan Bree's songs fidget and fluff about in a way that touches on the twee-pop of Belle & Sebastian, but with a major nod towards the classic Phil Spector and Brian Wilson early-60s productions.''
-Barry Saunders (

Fun Facts:
Toured the state with the Shins where they were known to perform in Olson twin masks.
Also opened for Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, Broken Social Scene, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Beirut.
This album led to them getting signed to SubPop.
Speaking of SubPop, the drummer on this record is Ryan McPhun the front man for the Ruby Suns.
The Brunettes covered The Cure's ''Lovesong'' for American Laundromat Records tribute compilation ''Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure''.

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band's home town (city/state or country): Auckland, NZ
key markets for the band: New York, L.A, Boston, Austin, Seattle

Side A:
1. Mars Loves Venus
2. Loopy Loopy Love
3. Polyester Meets Acetate
4. Too Big For Gidget
5. Whale In The Sand
6. You Beautiful Militant
Side B:
1. The Record Store
2. These Things Take Time
3. Best Friend Envy
4. No Regrets
5. Leonard Says
6. Your Heart Dies