Bruce Hornsby - Non-Secure Connection [LP] James Mercer, Jamila Woods, Leon Russell

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Vinyl LP Features Contributions From James Mercer, Jamila Woods, Vernon Reid, Leon Russell & More!

Non-Secure Connection follows the release of 2019's acclaimed album, Absolute Zero, which The New York Times praised as "one more daring, rewarding turn in his catalog: 10 knotty, thoughtful yet rambunctious songs that juggle scientific concepts, history and human relationships." The new album's lead single, "My Resolve", is a duet with James Mercer (The Shins, Broken Bells). Hornsby calls the song "a Sisyphean tale of the creative life, sung with a fellow climber."

Hornsby's continued growth as a musician enables him to build upon and explore new musical techniques. On Non-Secure Connection, he's created something different that touches on a broad range of themes, from civil rights to computer hackers, mall salesmen and the Darwinian aspects of AAU basketball.

"The new album's chromaticism and dissonance quotient is exactly twice as high (three songs featuring that language compared to one and a half on the last record)," says Hornsby of Non-Secure Connection. "I feel like my music has never been a part of any trend that defined any era of music during my 34 years of doing this. I may be wrong, but that's how it feels to me."

Predominantly produced by Hornsby, the 10-track album includes added production from Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Brad Cook (Sharon Van Etten, Hiss Golden Messenger) Wayne Pooley (Bon Iver, Jack DeJohnette) and Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Andrew Bird, Aimee Mann), who Hornsby credits as the album's "aesthetician and ombudsman." Non-Secure Connection also includes musical contributions from Mercer, Vernon, Jamila Woods, Leon Russell, Vernon Reid, Rob Moose & Hideaki Aomori of yMusic, The Orchestra of St. Hanks (Frost School/Univ. of Miami), Hornsby's longtime band The Noisemakers and more. The tracks "Non-Secure Connection" and "Porn Hour" were co-written with Chip deMatteo while "Bright Star Cast" was inspired by with James Weldon Johnson's "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing", and "Anything Can Happen" was co-written with Russell, who appears thanks to a demo that he and Hornsby recorded together more than 25 years ago.


  • Vinyl LP


  1. Cleopatra Drones
  2. Time, The Thief
  3. Non-Secure Connection
  4. The Rat King
  5. My Resolve (w/ James Mercer)
  6. Bright Star Cast (w/ Jamila Woods & Vernon Reid)
  7. Shit's Crazy Out Here
  8. Anything Can Happen (w/ Leon Russell)
  9. Porn Hour
  10. No Limits

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