Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of Birth [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold)

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Solo Album On 180g Vinyl Double LP!
First Time Officially Released On LP In North America!

BMG/Sanctuary reissues the solo catalogue on vinyl from IRON MAIDEN frontman and rock legend, Bruce Dickinson worldwide.

Bruce Dickinson’s six solo albums span from 1990 to 2005 and have been cut from the original masters for reissue on heavyweight, black 180g vinyl in artwork sleeves. First time officially released on LP in North America!!

Barely a year later after his third album, Bruce released his fourth solo album. This time, heavy metal in its most bombastic and destructive sense was firmly back on the agenda. Once again teaming up with Roy Z, Bruce has rarely sounded more powerful than he does on this unsung ’90s metal gem. With the added bonus of a certain Adrian Smith chipping in on lead guitar, Accident Of Birth was a flat-out celebration of heavy metal, both past and present, with a sound that was as crushing and timely as anything the younger generation were producing, and songs that soared with the same ageless majesty that fans had long associated with the Dickinson voice. From the rampaging riff-riot of opener "Freak" and the shadowy melodrama of "Taking The Queen," to the insanely catchy twin-lead euphoria of "Road To Hell" and the labyrinthine swell of "Omega," Accident Of Birth was much more than a return to metal’s unsullied essence; this was a reclaiming of the throne from the genre’s most unstoppable protagonist.

• 180g Vinyl
• Double LP
• 1st Official North American Release on LP
• Remastered by Andy Pearce (2017)
• Cut from the original masters
• Gatefold jacket
• Artwork sleeves

Side One:

1. Freak
2. Toltec 7 Arrival
3. Starchildren
4. Taking The Queen
Side Two:
1. Darkside Of Aquarius
2. Omega
Side Three:
1. Man Of Sorrows
2. Accident Of Birth
3. The Magician
Side Four:
1. Welcome To The Pit
2. Road To Hell
3. Arc Of Space

2017 Sanctuary