Brother JT - The Svelteness Of Boogietude [LP] (download)


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Brother JT is Central, PA's John Terlesky whose freewheeling boundless music has been released under many different monikers : Brother JT & Vibrolux, Brother JT3 and most commonly Brother JT. He has worked with an impressive roster of tastemakers such as Drag City, Siltbreeze, Birdman, and Drunken Fish. Brother JT is a moniker that finds Terlesky's songwriting and ample guitar skills taking a decidedly psychedelic form but never deviating too far from the classic song structure.
The Svelteness of Boogietude is his debut on Thrill Jockey and Bryon Coley (from whom he aquired the Brother JT moniker) called it his ''most oustanding effort yet''. The album is a typical of JT's output in certain ways -- rockers mixed with ballads, all of them crafted with causal elegance -- but there are new elements here as well. In particular, there's an attention to the legacy of later-period T. Rex, which results in tunes that kick total ass. Again Byron Coley, having seen Bolan play during his Zinc Alloy/Zip Gun Boogie period, went so far as to claim that ''JT's approach to this stuff equals that of the Master -- huge riff-based anthems that balance glam dynamics with mystical history on the head of a pin.'' JT also manages to pull off ballads that can remind one of Beat Happening (''Gliding'') or what it might be like to hear Warren Zevon covering the Velvets (''Somebody Down There''), a lost track by the Stalk Forrest Group (''Muffintop'') or even a Kevin Ayers/Scott Walker move so bold you'll shiver (''I Still Like Cassettes'').
01. Celebrate Your Face
02. Gliding
03. T. Rex Blues
04. Muffintop
05. Be A
06. Sweatpants
07. Green Curtain
08. Things I Like
09. Somebody Down There
10. Many Man Smoke
11. I Still Like Cassettes
12. Mourning Dove
13. Flotsam and Jetsam