Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration [2 LP]


$ 18.98 


A1 In The Beginning (Intro)
A2 The Pain
A3 More Than Gold Rap [Featuring] - Timbo King
A4 Killa Beez Attack (Skit)
A5 The Bronzeman Rap [Featuring] - Killa Sin
B1 One Plan Rap [Featuring] - Byata
B2 Instrumental (Interlude)
B3 Stolen Van Gogh
B4 5th Chamber Rap [Featuring] - 12 O'Clock , Prodigal Sunn , Sean Price
B5 Stupid F@#king White Man (Skit)
B6 Good Morning (A Nice Hell)
C1 Rare Breed Rap [Featuring] - Phillie
C2 Hear What I Say!
C3 Black Royalty
C4 Detroit Rap [Featuring] - Kevlaar 7 , Phillie
D1 $ (Aka Cash Rule)
D2 Poem Burial Ground
D3 The Great Migration
D4 Bronze Halls (Outro)