Bob Dylan - The Minneapolis Hotel Tape & The Gaslight Cafe [2LP] (import)

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Bob Dylan The Minneapolis Hotel & The Gaslight Cafe (On Sale) Vinyl Record | Vinyl LP Album

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Further to BDAs previous collections (Carnegie Hall & The Minnesota Party Tape) comes the third album in the 1961 series of rare and previously unreleased Dylan material . This time showcasing an early stint at the infamous Gaslight Cafe in NYCs Greenwich Village, and the December recordings made at his friend Bonnie Beechers apartment back in Minnesota - the same venue that witnessed the Party Tape in May of the same year.

Dylan played the Gaslight a number of times but this particular performance is one of only two for which any recordings exist - it is believed to be the set he played there on 6th September 61.

Bonnie Beechers apartment (aka the Minneapolis Hotel) was a regular stopping off point for Bob on his way home to visit his parents in Hibbing, and while there he would often play in front of old college friends. This recording was made a few days before Christmas - on 22nd December 1961- en route to spending the festivities with his folks. Both recordings here feature the very best sound recordings known to exist making this LP both a hugely important historical document and a delightful collection of Bob Dylan’s earliest work.