Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi [3LP] (140 Gram, etched side, gatefold, download)


$ 27.98 


Yes! It's happening! The most frequently-asked question by fans of Warp Records (besides, ''When is the next Aphex Twin record'') is ''When are you reissuing the Boards of Canada catalog on vinyl?''.....well - we're very happy to announce, that for the first time since the original releases, Warp is reissuing three of the most seminal LPs from our catalog, and widely considered some of the most important releases in electronic music history. Each reissue has been painstakingly produced with the fans in mind, from original DAT tapes and vinyl metal work, with incredibly matched prints and exclusive stickers included in each LP. ALL information about these vinyl reissues is available at:, but see the Selling Points and Format section below for a few key specifics. The three Warp EPs will be reissued on wax in November as well. GEOGADDI: Packaging: 140 gram vinyl in widespine six panel gatefold sleeve with printed inner, download card, sticker and special etching on side F