Blink-182 - Blink-182 (Deluxe Edition) [2LP] (180 Gram Black Vinyl, gatefold, very limited)

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$ 39.98 

Double LP reissue of Blink 182's self-titled in a thick card gatefold sleeve and comes with expanded artwork and a 12 page booklet and centre labels are unique to this press!

As with many self-titled albums, the trio uses this as an attempt to redefine itself, and they have considerably expanded both their sonic template and lyrical outlook on blink-182. They're still rooted in punk-pop, but even songs that stretch no further than that sound are a little darker, a little restless, reflecting the overall mood of the record. In shorthand, this is the record where blink-182 delve into post-punk, opting for some appealingly sullen moodiness, off-kilter hooks, lots of sonic textures, and even a duet with the Cure's Robert Smith.