Beth Hart - Fire On The Floor [LP] (Clear Transparent Vinyl)

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Seventh Studio Album Pressed On Clear Vinyl LP!
Limited To Only 500 Copies!

Mascot Label Group and Provogue Records are excited to announce the re-issue of Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter Beth Hart's hit albums - Bang Bang Boom Boom, Fire On The Floor, and Better Than Home - available for the first time on transparent vinyl limited to 500 copies each.

Fire On The Floor is the album that Beth Hart needed to make. Likewise, it's a record that the world needed to hear. These twelve songs run the gamut of genre, reflecting Beth's eclectic teenage influences, which took in everything from gospel, soul and classical to the seismic rock of Soundgarden. "As a writer," she nods, "I feel really stifled if I'm trying to write in the same style. I just can't do that. Growing up as a kid, I was raised all over the place stylistically, loving so many different genres."

Working with producer Oliver Leiber, who helped assemble a selection of studio pros highlighted by the legendary studio guitarist Waddy Wachtel and organist Ivan Neville, Hart seems relaxed and playful - a sensibility that's evident from the opening 'Jazz Man.' This song title suggests that she might be headed down a jazzy road, but Fire on the Floor showcases her versatility, bouncing between slinky jazz and grinding blues ('Love Gangster') while finding space for outright rockers ('Fat Man'), Southern soul ('Let's Get Together'), and a gospel-inflected ballad ('No Place Like Home'). None of this feels showy: it flows easily and naturally, the songs connected by their deep Americana roots and the snappy skill of the players. Even if the album is slick and in the pocket, it's soulful; it feels like Hart is reconnecting with the reason why she makes music and that's what gives Fire on the Floor a kick.
-Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AllMusic


  • Limited Edition - 500 Copies
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Provogue Records Beth Hart Transparent Vinyl Series


Side A:

  1. Jazz Man
  2. Love Gangster
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Let's Get Together
  5. Picture In A Frame
  6. Fat Man

Side B:

  1. Fire On The Floor
  2. Woman You've Been Dreaming Of
  3. Baby Shot Me Down
  4. Good Day To Cry
  5. Love Is A Lie
  6. No Place Like Home

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