Belle And Sebastian - Days Of The Bagnold Summer [LP] Soundtrack

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The soundtrack for the film Days of Bagnold Summer features brand new recordings from Glasgow’s finest, Belle and Sebastian. Is releasing a soundtrack a different prospect from releasing a regular album? Would a Belle and Sebastian fan notice the difference if they didn’t know? "Everything we do that becomes an album is a big deal for us,” says Murdoch. "We’re quietly pleased with how the collaboration went, but the truth is that you don’t know what’s going to happen when it goes out into the world, and people hear it." Martin thinks it is slightly different from other records they’ve put out. "It’s more consistent, probably, than most of our albums. Soundtracks are a deeper cut. They’re not a big pop statement." But is making music for film that different than making it for a listener? "The whole thing with music is to make a good moment better," Murdoch says. "Deeper, more thrilling, more heartfelt." Days of the Bagnold Summer is the latest outside-the-box accomplishment from storied Glasgow 6-piece Belle and Sebastian, comprised of Stuart Murdoch, Stevie Jackson, Sarah Martin, Chris Geddes, Richard Colburn, Dave McGowan, and Bobby Kildea. 


• Vinyl LP

Side A:

1. Sister Buddha (Intro)
2. I Know Where The Summer Goes
3. Did the Day Go Just Like You Wanted?
4. Jill Pole
5. I'll Keep It Inside
6. Safety Valve
7. The Colour's Gonna Run
Side B:
1. Another Day, Another Night
2. Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying
3. Wait and See What the Day Holds
4. Sister Buddha
5. This Letter
6. We Were Never Glorious

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