Beatles, The & Tony Sheridan - This Is... The Savage Young Beatles: Hamburg 1961 [LP+CD] (180 Gram Vinyl, gatefold, import)


$ 30.98 


Riding the wave of the German beat craze of the early sixties, British singer Tony Sheridan became a regular on the Hamburg club circuit, recruiting an ever-changing roster of back-up musicians that included, in 1961, a nascent Beatles featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best. Although still very much on the scene, bassist Stu Sutcliffe did not appear on these sessions. While most of the songs here are covers sung by Sheridan, Lennon and Harrison did write the instrumental ''Cry For A Shadow''. Hamburg is also where the Beatles first picked up the mop-top. SPECIAL GATEFOLD EDITION.

1) Cry For A Shadow
2) Let's Dance
3) If You Love Me Baby
4) What'd I Say
5) Sweet Georgia Brown
6) Ruby Baby
7) Yaya
8) Why