Beatles, The - The Last Radio Show 1965 (mono) [7"EP] Limited Edition (import)

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Limited Edition 7" Import Only Single!

Interest in The Beatles will never wane, but in light of the huge recent documentary from Peter Jackson it is at a real high at the moment. As such it is the perfect moment to drop a new recording of music from one of their many sessions for the BBC. In all, the band cut over 300 tunes for the Beeb and most of them in 1963 when they were in the corporation's studios almost weekly. There were 10 more shows in 1965 and their final one came in May 1965 hosted by Denny Piercy. It included tunes like 'I'm A Loser' and 'Honey Don't' amongst many more.

Side 1
1. "I'm A Loser" (2:31)
2. "The Night Before" (2:29)
3. "Honey Don't" (2:51)

Side 2
1. "She's A Woman" (2:48)
2. "Everybody's Trying To By My Baby" (2:20)
3. "Saturday Club" (2:49)