Beatles, The - Live At Wembley & Indiana '64 [LP] Limited Edition (import)

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The Beatles were at their peak as a live band in mid-1964. On Side One and part of Side Two is the whole of the 5pm September 3rd show at the Indiana State Fair, which was broadcast live on WIFE-AM. Parts of the concert were filmed for a TV special, “Our Fair Beatles”. Also on the bill were The Bill Black Combo, The Exciters, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, and Jackie DeShannon. The Beatles also played a second show in the evening that was set up hastily outside the venue on a dirt race track in front of the grandstand. This album also features a storming short set from the NME Poll Winners Concert on 26th April 1964. Listen to John chuckle as he screams at the wrong place in You Can’t Do That. All in excellent sound quality.2022 Rhythm & Blues

Side 1
1. "Twist & Shout" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:10)
2. "You Can't Do That" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:34)
3. "All My Loving" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:43)
4. "She Loves You" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:36)
5. "Things We Said Today" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:23)
6. "Roll Over Beethoven" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:23)
7. "Can't Buy Me Love" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:59)
8. "If I Fell" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:47)

Side 2
1. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:33)
2. "Boys" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:45)
3. "A Hard Day's Night" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (2:43)
4. "Long Tall Sally" (Indiana 5pm, September 3rd) (1:37)
5. "She Loves You" (26th April Empire Pool Wembley) (2:16)
6. "You Can't Do That" (26th April Empire Pool Wembley) (2:49)
7. "Twist & Shout" (26th April Empire Pool Wembley) (2:56)
8. "Long Tall Sally" (26th April Empire Pool Wembley) (2:23)
9. "Can't Buy Me Love" (26th April Empire Pool Wembley) (2:40)