Beatles, The - Let It Be... Naked [LP] (the way it was intended to be released, pre-Phil Spector, includes bonus 7'' and booklet, in gatefold)


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Let It Be... Naked is a version of the 1970 Let It Be album by The Beatles that was remixed and remastered under the direction of Paul McCartney.

The album is presented in a form which Paul McCartney considered closer to its original artistic vision: to ''get back'' to the rock and roll sound of their early years rather than the orchestral overdubs and embellishments which were added by Phil Spector in the production of the final Let It Be album. Paul McCartney in particular was always dissatisfied with the ''Wall of Sound'' production style of the Phil Spector remixes, especially for his song ''The Long and Winding Road'', which he believed was ruined by the process. George Harrison gave his approval for the Naked project before he died.

Comes with 12'' 10 page booklet.
Second record is a 7'' called ''Fly On The Wall'' which is snippets of conversations and tracks as they were recording the album.

A1 Get Back
A2 Dig A Pony
A3 For You Blue
A4 The Long And Winding Road
A5 Two Of Us
A6 I've Got A Feeling
B1 One After 909
B2 Don't Let Me Down
B3 I Me Mine
B4 Across The Universe
B5 Let It Be
C Fly On The Wall (Part 1)
D Fly On The Wall (Part 2)