Beastie Boys - Root Down EP [LP] (180 Gram Black Vinyl)

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180g 12" Vinyl EP!

The Root Down EP from the Beastie Boys was released on May 23, 1995. There are three variations of the track "Root Down" from their 1994 album Ill Communication, and the remaining seven tracks were recorded "live in Europe, winter 1995". Pressed on 180-Gram Black vinyl.


  • 12" Vinyl EP
  • 180g Vinyl
  • Explicit Content


Side One:

  1. Root Down (Free Zone Mix)
  2. Time To Get Ill
  3. Heart Attack Man
  4. The Maestro
  5. Sabrosa
  6. Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)

Side Two:

  1. Root Down (LP)
  2. Flute Loop
  3. Time For Livin'
  4. Something's Got To Give

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