Barenaked Ladies - Silverball [LP]


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Barenaked Ladies Silverball on LP

After 27 years together, over 14 million albums sold and multiple Grammy nominations, Silverball, Barenaked Ladies fourteenth studio album, finds the long-standing partnership of Ed Robertson (guitar, vocals), Jim Creeggan (bass, vocals), Kevin Hearn (keyboard, guitar, vocals) and Tyler Stewart (drums, vocals) firing on all cylinders. 
“I think it would be fair to say if the band was collectively known as Stella, then this record would indicate the reality that Stella had indeed got her groove back,” states Ed Robertson. “This is the first record since our debut, Gordon that was written with no hand-wringing, second-guessing, insecurity or self-doubt,” Robertson asserts. 
Silverball was produced by the band’s longtime friend Gavin Brown (The Tragically Hip, Metric) who helmed their previous project, 2013 Grinning Streak. The album’s thirteen tracks showcase the band’s growth, while still delivering a flurry of counterpunches and a wisecrack or two, in true Barenaked Ladies fashion. 
“We’re pushing in new directions - as always, I think - but it’s still unmistakably these four guys playing together, and that’s what I’m most proud of,” Robertson adds. “I put the record on and it doesn’t sound like anything we’ve ever done before, and yet it is unmistakably the new Barenaked Ladies record.” 
Barenaked Ladies Silverball Track Listing:
1.  Get Back Up
2.  Here Before
3.  Matter Of Time
4.  Duct Tape Heart
5.  Say What You Want
6.  Passcode
7.  Hold My Hand 
8.  Narrow Streets
9.  Toe To Toe
10. Piece Of Cake
11. Globetrot
12. Silverball
13. Tired Of Fighting With You