Band Of Horses - Why Are You Ok [LP] (180 Gram)

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2016 Album On 180g Vinyl LP!

Originally signed to indie legend SubPop, the Grammy-nominated group has earned a reputation for truthful, mesmerizing recordings and astounding live performances. The 2016 album, Why Are You Ok?, is the first album of new songs from Band Of Horses since 2012’s Mirage Rock. “Casual Party” is the lead single from the album and the first piece of new music in years from the band to be released.

• 180g Vinyl

1. Dull Times/The Moon
2. Solemn Oath
3. Hag
4. Casual Party
5. In A Drawer
6. Hold On Gimme A Sec
7. Lying Under Oak
8. Throw My Mess
9. Whatever, Whatever
10. Country Teen
11. Barrel House
12. Even Still