Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage (Deluxe Edition) [4LP] (180 Gram, lenticular cover)

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2018 Grammy Award Nominee!
• Best Rock Song: "The Stage"

Deluxe Edition 180g Vinyl 4LP Set Featuring A Lenticular Cover!
Contains 7 New Recordings & 4 Unreleased Live Performances!

Avenged Sevenfold has achieved worldwide success with a string of best-selling albums, achieving Diamond, Platinum and Gold awards for album sales in nearly a dozen countries with over 8 million albums sold worldwide. Two #1 albums, ten #1 Rock Radio singles. 

This Deluxe Edition 180g vinyl 4LP set features a lenticular cover, 6 cover songs (including The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, and more), 1 new original song, and 4 new live recordings of songs from 'The Stage'.

• Deluxe Edition 4LP Set
• 180g Vinyl
• Lenticular cover
• Gatefold
• 7 new recordings
• 4 unreleased live performances
• Explicit content

The Stage
Side A:

1. The Stage
2. Paradigm
3. Sunny Disposition
Side B:
1. God Damn
2. Creating God
3. Angels
4. Simulation
Side C:
1. Higher
2. Roman Sky
3. Fermi Paradox
Side D:
1. Exist

The Stage Deluxe Edition
Side E:

1. Dose
2. Retrovertigo
3. Malaguena Salerosa
Side F:
1. Runaway (ft. Warren Fitzgerald)
2. As Tears Go By
3. Wish You Were Here
4. God Only Knows
Side G:
1. The Stage (Live From London)
2. Paradigm (Live From London)
Side H:
1. Sunny Disposition (Live From London)
2. God Damn (Live From London)

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