Anthrax - We've Come For You All [LP] 2021 vinyl reissue

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Anthrax's 9th Studio Album On Vinyl LP!

Released in 2003, We've Come For You All was a critical success for Anthrax. Many critics regarded the album as a comeback for the band. The album features the likes of Roger Daltrey of The Who and Dimebag Darrell. It was the final album with John Bush on lead vocals and the first album with Rob Caggiano on lead guitar.


  • Vinyl LP


  1. Contact
  2. What Doesn't Die
  3. Superhero
  4. Refuse To Be Denied
  5. Safe Home
  6. Any Place But Here
  7. Nobody Knows Anything
  8. Strap It On (feat. Dimebag Darrell)
  9. Black Dahlia
  10. Cadillac Rock Box (feat. Dimebag Darrell)
  11. Taking The Music Back (feat. Roger Daltrey)
  12. Crash
  13. Think About An End
  14. W.C.F.Y.A
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