Allman Brothers Band, The - Shades Of Two Worlds [LP] (Orange & Red Swirl 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, gatefold, limited)

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Limited Edition 180g Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl LP!
Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso!
Pressed at RTI!

The Allman Brothers Band will always be known as one of the original rock super groups of the late sixties who had a trademark sound on mastering rock & blues grooves drenched in gospel, soul and country rock. With a plethora of amazing albums over their 5 decade career, The Allman Brothers Band have truly created some of the finest music ever waxed for the classic rock era.

After a long hiatus, The Allman Brothers greeted the new decade with a smokin' new line-up, a new label and a great new recording with Shades Of Two Worlds. This stunning Epic Records release featured a good amount of rock radio classics like the top charting AOR track by Gregg Allman and Co, "End Of The Line", Dickey Betts' & Warren Haynes' stellar "Midnight Man", the magnificent instrumental "Kind Of Bird", plus a brilliant rendition of Robert Johnson's classic "Come On In My Kitchen."

Augmented with superior improvisational jamming, plus three new band members - the legendary Warren Haynes (guitar), the Allen Woody (bass) and Marc Quinones (percussion), the legendary founders Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, Jaimoe, and Butch Trucks truly gelled and recorded one of the finest rock albums of the nineties.

Friday Music is very proud to announce for the first time ever the stunning 180 Gram Orange & Red Swirl Audiophile Vinyl presentation of Shades Of Two Worlds by The Allman Brothers Band.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Allman Brothers Band/Johnny Winter/Canned Heat) at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Mastering in Hollywood and manufactured at R.T.I., this super limited edition 1991 classic truly reaches sonic heights in the audiophile vinyl domain.

As an added bonus, Friday Music are including a striking gatefold cover, which includes the original artwork elements and photos only seen at the time in the compact disc format.

The Allman Brothers Band...Shades Of Two Worlds...Super Limited Edition Red and Orange Swirl 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl.....An Exclusive....Only from your friends at Friday Music!


  • Limited Edition
  • 180g Vinyl
  • Red & Orange Swirl Vinyl
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios & Captiol Mastering in Hollywood, CA
  • Pressed at RTI
  • Gatefold jacket includes the original artwork elements and photos only seen at the time in the CD format


Side One:

  1. End Of The Line
  2. Bad Rain
  3. Nobody Knows
  4. Desert Blues

Side One:

  1. Get On With Your Life
  2. Midnight Man
  3. Kind Of Bird
  4. Come On In My Kitchen

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