All-American Rejects, The - The All-American Rejects [LP+7''] (Pink Colored Vinyl, White Colored 7'', Breast Cancer charity release, limited to 1500)

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Limited Edition - 1500 Copies!
Ten Bands One Cause Pink Vinyl!
Includes Bonus 7" With 2 Demos On Limited White Vinyl! 

Ten Bands re-issue their albums on limited edition pink vinyl, all for one cause. This is the 5th year for the initiative that has raised over $200,000 for Gilda’s Club NYC, an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers. It is named after comedian Gilda Radner, who passed away from cancer at the age of 43 in 1989.

Originally released in 2002 on Doghouse, this record has sold over a million units nationwide. The album is now reissued on Limited Edition Pink Vinyl to help raise funds for Gilda's Club NYC through the Ten Bands One Cause pink vinyl LP campaign. The album features the hit single, "Swing Swing". 

The 15th anniversary press!… Yeah yeah yeah, it's a few months late… Hey, most people didn't even know about this record until it got rereleased by Dreamworks in 2003, so it still is sorta its 15th anniversary. Anyway, this is the 6th press that you're holding in your hands. As you can see we've overhauled all the artwork to better coincide with the CD version most folks are familiar with. We've also traded Cigarette Song for a bonus 7" with a couple little-heard demos recorded in Nick's old bedroom in Stillwater, OK. Thanks to all of you guys that have stuck with us all these years. The fact that this record still means so much to so many people is something no one could have anticipated. We've tried to make this package something special not as a self-congratulatory thing, but as a thanks to you guys for keeping it alive it your minds. We still play a lot of these songs often and hope you'll come see us still playing them in 15 more years. But, fuck… We'll all be so old! – All American Rejects

• Limited Edition - 1500 Copies
• Pink Vinyl
• Ten Bands One Cause campaign
• Bonus 7" White Vinyl with 2 demos
• Gatefold jacket with 7" jacket pocket
• Insert
• Special sweet 16th pressing

Side A:

1. My Paper Heart
2. Your Star
3. Swing, Swing
4. Time Stands Still
5. One More Sad Song
6. Why Worry
Side B:
1. Don't Leave Me
2. Too Far Gone
3. Drive Away
4. Happy Endings
5. The Last Song

Bonus 7":
Side A: Don't Leave Me (Demo)
Side B: Why Worry (Demo)

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