Alice Cooper - Paranormal [2LP +CD] 180gram, 45RPM

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New Studio Album On 180g 45rpm Double LP!
Featuring Contributions By Billy Gibbons, Roger Glover & the Original Alice Cooper Band!
Includes 12 Brand New Songs & 6 Previously Unreleased Alice Cooper Classics Live!

"Paranormal" is Alice Cooper's 20th studio album, his first album of original material in six years. It's a weird and wonderful collection of guitar-driven delights and produced by long-time collaborator Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Deep Purple), and featuring guests like ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover, as well as a highly anticipated mini-reunion of the original Alice Cooper band members. "Paranormal" is full of surprises and riveting turns.

In keeping with his passion for the unexpected, the singer decided to steer clear of writing another concept album like 2011's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare," and focused on creating an explosive collection of unforgettable standalone songs. On "Paranormal", Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin go back to their roots and create the raw garage sound that fans loved and still love. With the beloved sound of Cooper's early days, fans will feel like they're taken back straight to the 70s.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on "Paranormal" is the historic two-song mini-reunion with his former bandmates, guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway and drummer Neal Smith. The two songs, "Genuine American Girl" and the Who-inspired "You and All Your Friends" stand out, as in their iconic sound being instantly recognizable.

In addition to the 12 new tracks on "Paranormal", the singer has included a bonus disc of his current band playing killer live versions of some of The Coop's greatest hits, such as "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "Billion Dollar Babies" and "School’s Out."

With a schedule that includes six months each year on the road, Alice Cooper brings his own brand of rock psycho-drama to fans both old and new, enjoying it as much as the audience does. Known as the architect of shock-rock, Cooper (in both the original Alice Cooper band and as a solo artist) has rattled the cages and undermined the authority of generations of guardians of the status quo, continuing to surprise fans and exude danger at every turn, like a great horror movie, even in an era where CNN can present real life shocking images.

"'Paranormal' is rip-roaring fun from start to finish." - Sam Gnerre, Daily Breeze

"The album's appeal boils down to the fact that Cooper still sounds like he's having a blast. Here he channels all his vim and vigor into making music that connects with his past but also feels rooted in the present. Though it mines a familiar aesthetic, Paranormal is played with conviction and produced with a modern flair. The music's onslaught of thunderous drums and buzzsaw guitars feels immediate. Cooper can still sing with youthful clarity, but he also goes for the primal growling when the songs call for it." - Josh Hurst, Slant Magazine

"The legend of Alice Cooper as a musical force especially when it comes to rock music cannot be overstated, and this album genuinely succeeds in showing why still to this day he and his band is one of the best to have ever done it. While not as instantly classic as the records he produced in his golden era decades back, 'Paranormal' should in years to come be recognized as one of Alice's greatest efforts, and is an album that demands your attention." - Jack Toresen, Metal Wani

"One great rock song after another, each filled with crunchy hooks, radio-friendly choruses and musical theatre-style bombast" - Will Hodgkinson, The Times (UK)

"Put together in one tidy and creepy package, Paranormal does the near-impossible: offering something of worth for fans of his '70s output, those folks that clued in once Alice popped up in Wayne's World and those newly minted fans who were welcomed to his nightmare on his recent run of tour dates. There's almost no other rockers of Alice's vintage that could pull of such a feat. Sharpen up the guillotine, folks; he ain't done yet." - Aris Hunter Wales, Paste Magazine

• 180g Vinyl
• 45rpm Double LP
• Gatefold jacket
• 2 songs written and performed by original Alice Cooper band members Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Michael Bruce
• Bonus live CD with current Alice Cooper band playing some of Alice's greatest hits

Side A:

1. Paranormal
2. Dead Flies
3. Fireball
Side B:
1. Paranoiac Personality
2. Fallen In Love
3. Dynamite Road
Side C:
1. Private Public Breakdown
2. Holy Water
3. Rats
Side D:
1. You And All Of Your Friends
2. Genuine American Girl
3. The Sound Of A

Bonus CD:
Live In Columbus, Ohio, May 6th, 2016 with the current Alice Cooper band
1. No More Mr. Nice Guy
2. Under My Wheels
3. Billion Dollar Babies
4. Feed My Frankenstein
5. Only Women Bleed
6. School's Out

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