Alan Parsons Project, The - Stereotomy [LP] (180 Gram, import)


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Alan Parsons Project is well known for building their albums around certain socio-demographic themes. Stereotomy (1985) deals with the way in which modern society molds the personality. At the time, Stereotomy was one of the first completely digitally recorded pieces of music, sporting a rare 'DDD' code on its first release.

The album is coherently balanced, its synthesized and orchestrated songs completing each another. The high octane ''Where's The Walrus?'' is a response to 'Mr. Laser Beam', analogy of Mr. Lee Abrams, an American radio personality. He accused the band having gone 'flat' in their last albums: he asked them 'Where's The Walrus?', meaning 'Where are the classic songs like The Beatles' ''I Am The Walrus''?'.

The Music On Vinyl reissue of Stereotomy features the original dual coloured sleeve (except for the translucent coloured plastic outer sleeve).

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Features the original artwork


A1 Stereotomy
A2 Beaujolais
A3 Urbania
A4 Limelight

B1 In The Real World
B2 Where's The Walrus
B3 Light Of The World
B4 Chinese Whispers
B5 Stereotomy Two