Alan Silvestri - Avengers: Infinity War (Soundtrack) [LP] (Picture Disc)

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Marvel Soundtrack On Picture Disc Vinyl LP!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe reached ultimate heights with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Re-live the epic showdown between the Avengers and the villainous Thanos with the powerful score by Alan Silvestri on vinyl picture disc. Features a full color image of our favorite superheroes from across the universe joining together to launch the battle against evil!

• Picture Disc

Side A:

1. The Avengers
2. Travel Delays
3. undying Fidelity
4. We Both Made Promises
5. Help Arrives
6. Even For You
7. More Power
Side B:
1. Charge!
2. Forge
3. Haircut And Beard
4. The End Game
5. I Feel You
6. What Did It Cost?
7. Porch
8. Infinity War

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