Ace Frehley - Anomaly Deluxe Edition 180g [2LP] (Reflex Blue & Clear Starburst Vinyl)

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Deluxe Edition 180g Reflex Blue & Clear Starburst Vinyl Double LP!
Includes 3 Bonus Tracks!

Like a shooting star headed toward earth from another solar system, Ace Frehley operates in his own musical galaxy. He's a musical maverick and iconoclast adored by millions of fans around the world. Through his seminal work with KISS and as a solo artist, Ace Frehley is championed as one of the most influential guitar players of the last four decades and his impact on popular music is immeasurable. With his smash 1978 solo album and post-KISS work including 2009's Anomaly, Frehley continues to be the best selling member of the original band.

On the heels of the historic KISS Reunion Tours (spanning 400+ shows from 1996 through 2001) Ace Frehley began laboring over the material that would culminate in the 2009 release of "Anomaly" - the highest charting Frehley solo album since his self-titled debut in 1978 (which featured the only Top 20 KISS solo hit with "New York Groove"). Frehley is the only member to vibrantly maintain a solo career, having recently renewed with eOne Music for what will be his 9th and 10th solo album in the coming years.

As for the project at hand, as put it: "'Anomaly' surprised even longtime supporters with its forceful, confident performances and sharp songwriting." Not to mention its #27 debut on the Billboard Top 200 in the U.S. Since then Ace Frehley went on to release the first ever Top 10 Billboard 200 debut of any KISS related solo album with "Space Invader" in 2014, the same year he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"Anomaly Deluxe" is now released on Deluxe Edition 180g Reflex Blue & Clear Starburst Vinyl, newly remastered with 3 bonus tracks.

• Double LP
• 180g Vinyl
• Reflex Blue & Clear Starburst Vinyl
• Founding KISS guitarist (1973-1982, 1996-2002)
• Remastered
• 3 Bonus tracks

Side A:

1. Foxy & Free
2. Outer Space
3. Pain In The Neck
4. Fox On The Run
Side B:
5. Genghis Khan
6. Too Many Faces
7. Change The World
8. Space Bear (extended)
Side C:
9. A Little Below The Angels
10. Sister
11. It's A Great Life
12. Fractured Quantum
Side D:
Bonus Tracks:
13. Hard For Me
14. Pain In The Neck (slower version)
15. The Return Of Space Bear

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