Aborted - Terrorvision [LP] (180 Gram, Glow in the Dark Vinyl, gatefold, download)

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Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2018 release. TerrorVision, the 10th studio album of Belgium s one and only Aborted, might be the most brutal, most elaborate and most vicious death metal album of 2018. Delivering the goods to the death metal crowd since 23 years, Aborted have not only managed to keep the insanely high level of Global Flatline, Necrotic Manifesto and their last effort Retrogore, they have accomplished the seemingly impossible mission of outrivaling their last three studio outputs on all ends. And now comes TerrorVision, an album filled to the brim with the most wicked riffs, the most twisted solos, the most relentless yet tight drumming and the growling, screaming, cursing gurgloroth voice of Sven de Caluwé. Take a seat, sit tight and blow yourself to kingdom come. It will surely hurt, but it's definitely worth the suffering.

2018 Century Media