4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More! [LP] (25th Anniversary)

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25th Anniversary Reissue On Vinyl LP!
Includes The Hit Song "What's Up?"

4 Non Blondes' only studio album gets a 25th anniversary reissue on LP this year, having never previously been released on vinyl in the US. The album features the international hit "What’s Up?" which hit #1 globally. The band was fronted by renowned label-owner and Grammy-nominated composer / producer Linda Perry.

"San Francisco's 4 Non Blondes burst onto the national scene with their massive, neo-hippie anthem 'What's Up?' from their debut Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Although they failed to recreate the single's success, the album, as a whole, is a fairly engaging mix of alternative rock, quasi-funk, and blues. The focal point is on lead singer Linda Perry who also plays guitar and was the primary writer of the material. Perry has a powerful set of pipes akin to Johnette Napolitano, but, unfortunately, she tends to cut loose when a little more restraint would benefit the proceedings. However, 'Superfly' is a feel good, funky number and 'Spaceman''s yearning lyrics are delivered over a quiet, martial drum rhythm. A solid debut that got lost in the wake of its mammoth hit." - Tom Demalon, allmusic.com

• Vinyl LP
• 25th Anniversary
• First time released on vinyl in the US

Side A:

1. Train
2. Superfly
3. What's Up?
4. Pleasantly Blue
5. Morphine & Chocolate
Side B:
1. Spaceman
2. Old Mr. Heffer
3. Calling All The People
4. Dear Mr. President
5. Drifting
6. No Place Like Home

2017 Interscope