311 - Music [2LP] (Translucent Orange Vinyl, 4 bonus tracks, specialized pearl embossed cover) (limited)

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$ 45.98 


Limited Edition Translucent Orange Colored Double Vinyl!

4 Bonus Tracks!

Pearl Embossed Cover!

First time on colored vinyl & includes 4 bonus tracks! 311’s debut studio album Music celebrates 30 years. Newly remastered and expanded on translucent orange vinyl and a specialized pearl embossed cover. Includes 4 demos on vinyl for the first time.

Track List:

A1. Welcome
A2. Freak Out
A3. Visit
A4. Paradise

B1. Unity
B2. Hydroponic
B3. My Stoney Baby
B4. Nix Hex
B5. Plain

C1. Feels So Good
C2. Do You Right
C3. Fat Chance
C4. Fuck That Bullshit

D1. Welcome (Demo)
D2. Visit (Demo)
D3. Fells So Good (Demo)
D4. Paradise (Demo)

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