13th Floor Elevators - Live Evolution Lost [3LP Box] (Green, Blue & Red Colored 180 Gram Vinyl)


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Live Evolution Lost: The 13th Floor Elevators Live at the Houston Music Theatre is the first ever release of the complete performance of the band's legendary show from 18th February 1967 due for release by Charly Records on 8th July 2014.

The trailblazing 13th Floor Elevators released the first ''psychedelic'' rock album in America, transforming culture throughout the 1960s and beyond. Formed in late 1965 in a small town in Texas by Electric Jug playing Tommy Hall, guitarist & vocalist Roky Erickson, guitarist Stacy Sutherland they were joined by bass player Benny Thurman, and drummer John Ike Walton; at a time where Baptist and Mormon preachers fought for the population's spiritual wellbeing, and Country & Western music filled the bars on a Saturday night. Out of these conflicting extremes, the Elevators were born and began making a name for themselves in the burgeoning music scene in Austin, Texas.

Though Roky Erickson was the frontman, the group's sound and philosophy were created by the unpredictable & impulsive Tommy Hall. The Elevators followed their own spiritual cosmic route searching for a new path to enlightenment whilst all the while creating a reputation for excess. The band developed a sound that merged garage-punk and psychedelic experimentation. Their music, from the beginning, played and created under the influence of LSD, was raw, ambitious and hugely experimental with Sutherland's pioneering use of reverb and echo, and bluesy, acid-drenched guitar mixed with Tommy Hall's innovative electric jug ... ‘psychedelic rock' was conceived.

A three album edition, on green, blue and red heavyweight vinyl, which for the first time features the whole of the Elevators' historic gig on 18th February 1967 at the Houston Music Theatre. It catches the band with its classic line-up before the release of ‘Easter Everywhere' and is the only known complete recording of an Elevators' gig, and the latest to survive. Mastered by Sonic Boom and put together by band expert Paul Drummond, it includes one reel unissued for over forty-fiveyears.


The 13th Floor Elevators-Live Evolution Lost-3LP coloured vinyl box set
1. (I`ve Got) Levitation ( 03:31 )
2. Roller Coaster ( 05:34 )
3. Fire Engine ( 03:31 )
4. Reverberation ( Doubt ) ( 04:06 )
1. Don`t Fall Down ( 03:38 )
2. Tried To Hide ( 04:13 )
3. Splash 1 ( 04:32 )
4. You`re Gonna Miss Me (04:27 )
5. Monkey Island ( 03:47 )
1. Kingdom Of Heaven ( 04:17 )
2. She Lives ( In A Time Of Her Own ) ( 03:26 )
3. Jam Intro ( 01:22 )
4. Jam 1 - Roll Over Blue Suede Blues Jam ( 07:08 )
1. Jam 2 - Backwards Evolution Jam ( 04:47 )
2. Jam 3 - Ed`s Esoteric Jazz Jam ( 11:20 )
1. Jam 4 - ( It`s All Over Now ) Baby Blue Jam ( 06:42 )
2. Jam 5 - She Lives Jam ( 05:28 )
3. Jam 6 ( 04:14 )
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