13 Reasons Why (Soundtrack) [2LP] Selena Gomez, Joy Division, Lord Huron, Sir Sly, The Cure & More!

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Brilliant, Haunting Soundtrack On Double LP!
Features Selena Gomez, Joy Division, Lord Huron, Sir Sly, The Cure & More!

After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice. The Netflix Original Series Soundtrack to this popular show based on the novel by Jay Asher features an eclectic mix of songs from Selena Gomez, Joy Division, The Japanese House, The Cure, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam and many more.

"After finishing the series, the first thing we wanted to do was reach for our own headphones, because the show's soundtrack could not be more perfect. With a great mix of indie hits (like Lord Huron's "The Night We Met," which plays at the school dance), pop covers (Selena Gomez's "Only You"), and vintage classics (get ready for The Cure and Joy Division), the dark drama becomes that much more hauntingly memorable." - Quinn Keaney, popsugar.com

"Although the series was incredibly heartbreaking, the soundtrack was beautiful, ranging from dreamy and poignant to inspiring and frenzied. They’re the perfect tunes if you’re going to tool around on your bike or in your '65 red Mustang with the windows down. Or put it on at a party and hug somebody you love." - Hanh Nguyen, IndieWire

"Love the show or hate the show, we can at least agree it has an A+ soundtrack." - Erin Chack, BuzzFeed

• Double LP
• Gatefold jacket

Side A:

1. Only You - Selena Gomez
2. Kill Em With Kindness (acoustic) - Selena Gomez
3. Bored - Billie Eilish
4. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Side B:
5. Into The Black (Neil Young cover) - Chromatics
6. The Night We Met - Lord Huron
7. A 1000 Times - Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
Side C:
8. The Killing Moon (Echo & The Bunnymen cover) - Roman Remains
9. High - Sir Sly
10. Cool Blue - The Japanese House
Side D:
11. Fascination Street - The Cure
12. The Walls Came Down - The Call
13. The Stand - The Alarm

2017 Interscope