10,000 Maniacs - Our Time In Eden [LP] (180 Gram)

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1992 Album on 180g Audiophile Vinyl LP!

The 1992 release is the band's fifth studio album and its last studio album with the original lead singer, Natalie Merchant.

"10,000 Maniacs offer up a baker's dozen of wonderful folk-pop songs with hard-hitting messages, nearly matching the brilliance of In My Tribe, their major-label debut. Natalie Merchant is a few years older here, a few tribulations wiser, and a few shakes looser, although that's not to say she doesn't have a point (or 13) to make. Whether with old-school R&B horns ablaze or the simple elegance of a piano and strings, she glorifies, condemns, and cherishes the world she witnesses, not excusing herself or anyone else from the part they play." - Allmusic

• 180g Audiophile Vinyl

Natalie Merchant, vocals, piano
Jerome Augustyniak, drums, percussion
Robert Buck, guitar, sitar, banjo, mandocello
Dennis Drew, organ, piano, keyboards, accordion
Steven Gustafson, bass

Side A:
1. Noah's Dove
2. These Are Days
3. Eden
4. Few and Far Between
5. Stockton Gala Days
6. Gold Rush Brides
7. Jezebel

Side B:
8. How You've Grown
9. Candy Everybody Wants
10. Tolerance
11. Circle Dream
12. If You Intend
13. I'm Not the Man

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